How to plan a great wedding with low budget

Wedding is an event that marks the official commissioning of a union between man and woman as husband and wife.

Online dictionary defines wedding as “the act or ceremony of marrying; marriage; nuptials.”

It means joining together a man and woman for the purpose of marriage also known as tying of  nuptial knot.

Wedding ceremonies are in different varieties according to cultural and social norms.

In Africa for example almost every community has its own different wedding norms, values and rites.

Wedding day is a day many pray to see yet majority  fail to see it till the end of their lives because not all men or women are privileged to get married in their lifetime for certain obvious reasons. This is a  topic for another day’s discussion.

I remember while planning my wedding years ago, as I was under pressure to assemble cash for the project, my wife-to-be then was more relaxed than I was because in my country, it is officially the man’s place to marry a woman and provide everything needed for the ceremony.

Although many women offer some assistance, but this is often out of personal volition and not mandatory.

Women seem to wish to see that day more than men from my observations and the general believe in Africa as they refer to the days as the woman’s day.

Usually, gathering the funds needed to execute wedding programme is most times a huge challenge especially for struggling young people of low income status  with less family support.

From the caption of this article, one will tell that managing cost is critical in our discussion of how to make a great wedding.

There are  facts you must realized when planning your wedding to guide you in ensuring you have a wedding that is okay and within your budget.

  1. Wedding is just a short time event.

Wedding ceremony is quite a brief exercise compared to the marriage itself. After the wedding, the marriage starts which is the main thing to look out for.

Yes, nobody hates having nice comments about his/her wedding events like ”oh it was a great wedding”, “did you see that wedding gown? It was beautiful and expensive”, “how about the cars? they were powerful” the cake, the meal, the decorations and the hall itself and so on.

But dear, all those things end there, then the reality of living together and facing the new family challenges stares quickly few minutes or hours after.

There is no need taking huge loans to carry out wedding event. You do not need to sell valuable property to do your wedding.

Plan your budget realistically and implement it religiously based on the size of your income.

All those people coming to put you under pressure to go borrow will leave the scene immediately the event comes to an end, only you and your spouse will be left to face the debtors who come to recover their borrowed funds.

If you do not want to end up being miserable during the first few days or months of the matrimony, think wisely before you go borrowing.

  1. Try to limit contracting of activities.

There basically some things you can do by yourself, your spouse can as well or even your siblings can assist with, do not high consultants to handle them in order to save cost.

For instance, if your wife to be knows how to prepare wedding cake, let her draw up a cost conscious budget to handle that bearing in mind that the funds are in shortfall.

Try to cut cost while keeping in view the need for fair standard of whatever you are to achieve.

It is not necessary to go for expensive items when low cost items good enough can serve the same purpose.

  1. Plan your wedding events between December and March . Prizes of items are often lower

these months  by approximately between 10 to 21 percent in most western countries and some parts of Africa.

  1. Rent your venue for the event between Thursday night and Friday night. This is because

Saturdays and Sundays seem to witness higher cost of hall renting.

  1. For the food, instead of the expensive cocktail pattern of service, consider brunch method as

this helps to spread the food better and reduce the cost of expenses on food items.

  1. Cut cost in drinks by reducing hard liquor and procure more of beverage drinks, soft drinks

and table water. If possible as guest eat, serve them with table water first after which drinks can be served , this way many will consume fewer drinks having filled their tummies with food and  water.

  1. Target only about 76 percent of your guest to be covered by the cake you will procure. Of course, do not try to make the cake go round as that will definitely shoot up the cost.
  2. I will advise you make use of only one photographer. Extra photographer means another cost.

Limited the unnecessary photo shots during the event.

  1. In music and entertainment as well, you can save cost.
  2. Hire cheaper band that hasn’t shot so much into fame, they are cheaper.

You could actually cut cost following the above procedures without making your wedding event look cheap and common.

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