One of our Blog Readers Needs Urgent Advice, Kindly Assist

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One of our blog follower and reader seeks for advice on love-related matter. She left the message on our facebook page requesting for guidance.

Recall part of the very mandates of Court and Marriage platform is to help people with marriage and courtship related challenges through offering them advice.

Because for us in Courtship and Marriage, a happy couple means a happy family and a happy family translates into a happy community which automatically gives rise to a healthy nation.

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Note: Please we urge you to offer advice and not insults. Because this may look like a simple issue but may mean a lot to the person wearing the shoes.

Her message:

Please I want you help me post this message that I want to send.
Please my fellow ladies and gentlemen and mummies in the house, help me out o. this one. A friend of my ask me this question but I told her I will ponder over it, she said! She is in a relationship where she love her guy so much but doesn’t know if the guy Luv her too, but she says the guy is caring and fun to be with. Her problem with the guy is that he prides himself so much, he believes that He’s husband material, and often tell the gf that whenever they separate that she will never find someone who is loving and caring like him and all sort of hurtful things.although the gf is temperamental but since she met the guy, she is no longer like before. She said the guy cares for her and has suffered a lot for her, he also care so much about her welfare but what she gets her confuse all the time is the hurtful and heartbreaking words he uses on her. So she is asking me if she should continue the relationship or walk away. Please all she needs is advice not insult. She is so much in love that she can’t think straight. Ebere A.

Your suggestions and comments can be left in the comment box below. Thanks. CM Team.
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