Life has really thought me a lot of lessons.

I have being married for 9 years to my lovely wife and we are blessed with 4 kids all boys.

Our home is a place where there is life and peace. Not by my making though, but by the special grace of God.

Growing up as a little kid, i faced a lot of things in our home. I watched my Mother and father(all of blessed memory) live together as husband and wife.

Life was fun when my dad was still alive because he  was a caring, loving husband and father.

I lived with different families and in different homes thereafter, then i began to see life from an entirely different prism.

Trouble in homes, parents breaking up, children abandoned, their features raked.

I came to realise that a couple of things are fundamental in a marriage and home.

Through this realisation, courtshipandmarriage.com was born.

I became determined to share ideas with as many as possible about courtship, marriage and dating to enable them build responsible relationships and homes.

My name is Ashunande Sunday , i am the founder of courtshipandmarriage.com blog.

I hold master’s degree in Computer Science with several years of work experience in information technology field.

I have done quite a lot of courses both locally and internationally in marriage, dating, child upbringing  and relationship management and counseling

My vision is to create awareness that can better lives of people as it concerns marriage, dating, homes and families which  will give rise to a better society and the wolrd in general.

Welcome to my blog.

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