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Marriage sacrifices we all must  be ready to offer in order to make our home a special place



 Marriage refers to the coming together of two opposite sex adults to live together as husband and wife after fulfilling all the required rites.

For there to be a legal marriage  fundamentally, the bride price must be paid to the family of the lady. This,  traditions, law and bible stipulate and recommend it. Read More

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How to plan a great wedding with low budget

Wedding is an event that marks the official commissioning of a union between man and woman as husband and wife.

Online dictionary defines wedding as “the act or ceremony of marrying; marriage; nuptials.”

It means joining together a man and woman for the purpose of marriage also known as tying of  nuptial knot. Read More

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Dos and Don’ts during courtship

Having placed much emphasis on the importance of courtship before marriage in our previous articles, it is also important to say not all things can actually be engaged in during courtship.

Just like there are very crucial things that if not embarked on, will not guarantee a successful courtship exercise. Read More

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What is the right age for marriage?

There are a lot of questions in marriage particularly about age.

Why is this? Why is that?, when will this? When will that? What is this, what is that? And one of the most common question asked by young people is” what is the right age to get married?”

That is because anything that is a great concept and phenomenon must require a lot of knowledge to pursue hence the need to provide answers to numerous pondering about starting a family via marriage. Read More

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How Important is Courtship Before Marriage for Intending Couples ? (Part II)

As discussed in the Part I, the importance of courtship before marriage can never be over emphasized.

Given the critical relevance of a peaceful and successful home, courtship before marriage cannot be just an option.

Aside the earlier reasons mentioned, some of the following are as well part of the key importance of courtship before marriage: Read More

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How Important Is Courtship Before Marriage? Part I.

Courtship is a period during which an intending couple study and understand each other to be able to get married and live together as husband and wife.

Going into marriage without adequate preparation can be likened to building a house without first sitting down to count your cost and planning  properly. Read More

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Why Marriage By The Way?


Marriage is a platform where everlasting union between couples is formed and maintained.

But there  is a very critical question because how you treat marriage depends on the value you place on it. And you cannot place value on anything except you have enough knowledge about the thing.

Of course this is not peculiar to marriage alone but to everything of great value. Read More